Sunday , September 25 2022

The Mobility of Basil without Blessing … And the Sunni Node Is Intact!


Sunni knot is more complicated during the last visit or the efforts of Foreign Minister Gibran Basil to the members of the consultative meeting ordered by the first presidency to find a solution or solutions for it. Basil raised the issue of a barter between the Christian minister of the future movement and the Sunni Minister of Hosab Baabda as director. More tense after the emergence of the positions of the future movement, it denounces the proposal and rejects the phrase and the statement described by the Blue Bloc as a violation of norms and laws.

Leaders of the future took the words of Basil after meeting MPs from the moratorium on morbidity in a way that did not contradict the right of representation and expired by Basil's words in the long debate behind closed doors in the house of MP Abdel Rahim Murad , what can be interpreted as a bias or implicit acceptance of representatives What has also been interpreted as a disturbance by Basil to reunite with the ally in Harre Hrak after Hezbollah defined the criteria for solving Sunni in in consultation with and taking what the Sunni MEPs decided and agreed on.

The presentation of Basil to Sunni MPs faced two barriers, opposed to March 8, on the one hand, and refused to take part in the exhibition if one of them was excluded, and the Blue Stream and acting president.

"The solution is not at my expense, I will not accept paying the price because our bloc and the presidency would like to hold 11 ministers." On the one hand, the consultation meeting was the Message was clear: "Your pleasure is a blessing, but the knot is Sunni-Sunni."

According to the circles of the future, Basil's movement has made no progress, only returning the ball to Hariri Stadium, which suggests that the current is not ready to bear the consequences or that the Sunni deputies are represented by his bag and the bag of the future movement. According to the future, there is some correlation in the issue of the Sunni Minister between Hezbollah and the free patriotic movement.

The free circles of the Patriotic Move believe that the Sunni knot decision is still in place and that the adoption of the barter proposal will not stop the efforts of current Gibran Basil, head of the movement, and his efforts to find a way out of the crisis. Basil's current efforts are aimed at tackling the knot for two weeks during which political leaders met without a solution to the crisis. In any case, the current position was not sympathetic to any team, but rather sympathetic to finding a way out of the last node to reach the government. A delay that detracts from the Covenant and puts Lebanon in danger from the point of view of the economic fears of paying Cedar loans or other destinations.

So the Sunni gang is in a vicious circle, and nobody is able to resolve the issue because none of the staff in the Sanitas cabinet has surrendered to the meeting. If Hariri refuses to represent them at all, the president is responsible for this condition in order to accept their representation. But without one of the Sunni MPs, the advisory meeting engages in his appointment, armed with undeclared positive support from the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah's support.

In the conviction of the nominee president that he has made many concessions by accepting Hezbollah's secretary and altering the regional decision Hariri, while Hezbollah is very modest, the present is a reality between shocks because he does not want to shake his relationship with sailors and kiss with the presidential candidate, From his political and popular balance.


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