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The moon … a home of fantasy for centuries

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Washington: Landing on the moon in 1969, the Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the surface of an astronomical body that for centuries had excited human imagination and opened new horizons for artists, writers and directors.

"The moon has been home to fantasy for centuries, while the Moon is no longer a reality," said astronomer Jean-Pierre Lumignier.

Literature, poetry and cinema have been withdrawn from ancient times to the 1940s, the Moon has been the center of imaginary journeys filled with exaggerations.

The moon can be reached through a storm in a storm in Lucien de Sassat's book "The Real History" in the second century, or from the dew in 1657 in "The Funny History of States and Empires of the Moon" by Serrano de Bergorac (Real). In 1785.

The Moon had demons in the "dream" of the German astronomer Johannes Kepler (1634) and a giant sponge in the 1901 film "The Moon Travel" by Meles in 1901 and the Sillention by Herbert George Wells in "The First part of the moon, "he said.

But everything is over.

Diagram of the landing sites of the Moon during different missions

"At the beginning of the 1930s and 1940s, progress began to take place in the space industry, and the journey to the Moon seemed likely and the Moon fantasy fell," explains Natasha Fes-Derry, a professor of literature at Bordeaux-Montana University.

"It also turns out that the moon is a dead crime that can not be done much more than scientific progress," explains Jean-Pierre Androphon, author of science fiction.

Human beings want to go further, so Mars ignites his imagination. "Marchion Chronicles" by American Ray Bradbury of the 1940s and "Life on Mars" is the song of David Bowie, a hit he made in the late 1930s and 30s for Mars for Kim Stanley Robinson and Marcin by Ridley Scott in 2015.

1969 entry into popular culture

The date of July 20, 1969, was a huge step for mankind, but did he heal the lunar imagination?

"After 1969, the moon has become a popular culture, storytelling and television series," says Natasha Fas-Derez, the memory of Cosmos 99 (1975-1977), a true series of science fiction fantasies.

Adventures continue with Glodrak (1975-1977), He's Robust Robots and the first manga story turns into animation. The moon has become a camp for cosmic beings that have to be eliminated.

As the dream stopped traveling to the Moon, this cosmic body remained a fertile ground for some writers. "The man began dreaming of a moon inhabited by people under domes and compressed bases," says Jean-Pierre Andrivon. "An example that comes to mind is the moon of 2001: The Odd of Spices for Stanley Kubrick."

Others dreamed of the hidden side of the moon like Pink Floyd with The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), the band's best-selling album.

The Moon makes it possible to imagine the future. The Moon exploded after the military experiments of George-Jean Arno's "La Compagnie des Glas" from 1980 to 1950. There is an invitation to think of don Juan Jones' moon cloning and artificial intelligence and Robert Moon's colonialism Heinlein.

"In science fiction, whatever we do, wherever we go, even in the farthest galaxies, we always focus on earthly issues, such as differences and disputes over power, war and colonialism," emphasizes Jean-Pierre Andrévon.

In addition to these issues, climate change and the end of civilization "after we have taken seriously what awaits us", according to the author.

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