Monday , October 3 2022

The most important tests for women after the 1950s


There are many tests to be done by women aged fifty to keep their health and reduce the incidence of diseases known at this age and disease control if these tests have shown harm so read the following lines to identify these tests and perform, as per "WEBMED".

Regular mammograms and sonar procedures significantly contribute to the early detection of breast cancer, so women who have a genetic history have to do these tests every year to check their health and know if you suffer from this disease and treat it quickly.

– At the age of fifty, women should have bone osteoporosis, some medical tests that show calcium in the body and vitamin D, which makes these tests important for your health.

– Carry out some medical tests to show if you have diabetes or not, as well as cumulative sugar and fasting sugar and the fetus, and these analyzes show the fact that the disease.

– Blood pressure measurement is one of the most important tips that should be taken to reduce potential health problems, so you should always measure it if you have a genetic history of the disease.

– Analysis of cardiac enzymes, heart and echocardiography is important to make continuous and contributes significantly to the detection of the fact of the infection.

– An analysis that reveals the truth about cholesterol frequency, blood analysis that greatly contributes to detecting the fact of infection, in addition to clarifying the fact that triglycerides are infected.

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