Wednesday , September 28 2022

The stars of the Arab world congratulate the champion of the African nations


Source: Cairo – Ahmed al-Raidi

Continuous celebrations began in Cairo and moved to the entire Arab world when Algeria crowned the African Nations Cup on Friday night after defeating Senegal to achieve the second title in its history.

This victory was not only reflected and celebrated by the Algerians, but the celebration was shared by everyone in the Arab world and many of the art stars were ready to congratulate them.

Tunisian star Hand Säubi wanted to give support to the Greens before the final, after publishing a photo of the Algerian team through his official statements on communications sites, expressing the hope that the continuation of support and promotion is ideal and that Algeria gets the second star.

After the last play, Tamer Hosni congratulated the Algerian people after publishing the image of the Algerian flag and commented: "A million congratulations to the people and the great Algerian team to win the African Nations Cup."

In other places, Elizabeth congratulated the Algerian team, saying: "Raise your head, the heroes." Mohammed Adele Im said that Algeria has the right to participate in the tournament.

Amr Adib also wrote on Twitter, saying, "The times of love for your country can be compensated for every presentation of the pitch." The times of your race and men can give up the ball.

Ahlam gave special greetings to Algeria after winning the final and finishing the title, emphasizing that the victory is deserved and the game is great.

"Congratulations to our brothers and neighbors in Algeria, a deserved victory, the joy of an Arab Maghreb." Aiten Amer greeted Algeria: "Congratulations to Algeria for the African Championship."

Nancy Airam congratulated Algeria on winning the title: "I'm proud of you, heroes."

Many showed their support for Algeria during the final, including Carol Sammaha, who posted a photo of the Algerian flag and commented: GO GO Haifa Webe expressed her desire Algeria to win the final.

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