Tuesday , June 15 2021

Tripoli has the right to the state to hurry to meet them soon

In a speech at the ministerial statement, a member of the Independent Center delegation, Ali Darvis, said that "after reading the Minister's statement and entering into the precise details, especially the economic ones, I found that many colleagues would support them on points , so I would like to refer to other aspects that affect us and Lebanon I think it is very important to turn to them from this platform and in the presence of a new government that we intend to put these issues as an obligation.

– to dedicate full and complete reconciliation to Tripoli in general and between Jabal Mohsen and Taabana and the surrounding areas and to close this wound fully and definitively and to compensate all those affected by the violence they have paid to Tripoli, and to explore the image of the war on the face of the white people and especially of Tripoli; In general, this is one of the most important obligations of the state, which also has to unite with the affected areas and work to free people from taxes and charges, especially shops and institutions that went bankrupt and collapsed during the years of struggle and which today, despite the urgent conditions, aspire to this, and the work of which will not be closed, but the process of deportees and prisoners and war wounded file.

"We hope and wish success because it is in the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese, but at the same time we see that it is incomplete to say no more than this … incompletely because the Lebanese" national "spectrum is missing for reasons that are not we know. "The Alaskan Muslim community is one of the sects that created Lebanon, and its sons are Lebanese citizens with the greatest citizenship of the 1924 and 1932 statistics. This community performs its national duties to the greatest extent with other sects, whether in the struggle against the French mandate or the Israeli occupation. When she presents her best young and right Why this sect be deprived of ministerial representation and what are the reasons for it and why all the Lebanese sects except the Alawites who will answer this question and who will answer 100,000 people who think their rights are undermined, marginalized, directed and denied? Also, Lebanon is a first-class citizen and a second-class citizen? "I think that this time has passed forever, and because that is the case, the representation of the Alawites is on the back of the political power that should treat the Lebanese as equal to the teeth of the crest. This deal leads to a sense of shame Which leads to tension and instability and instability, a nation can not enjoy safety and segments of it feel unfair. I ask the political power to warn Halim's anger!

Do you know, gentlemen, that 100,000 people have one second-level employee and only three employees in the third category – do you know that the Lebanese Alavites are missing in many ministries and government administrations where there is not even one employee in this range? Still, because if I get into the details, I'll need days.

This is something that is no longer acceptable, especially with the presence of the independent centrist bloc headed by President Nagyib Mika, who has rights that the state urgently needs to meet. If it is good, then the home is alright and the tests are a lot.

But today Tripoli is not good, poverty is wild, and unemployment spreads from teeth, and social and health crises are growing, and proportions that go beyond red lines are on the increase. It is no secret that I said that the poverty rate among families exceeds 60%, 20% of them live below the poverty line, unemployment is over 40%, and dropping out of school threatens the illiteracy of the entire generation and the state is watching. Most of Tripoli's projects are discontinued and the state monitors. Tripoli's facilities are closed and the state is watching. How long does the policy of inhaling the city last?

Do you know, colleagues, that Tripoli is one of the most engaged cities to pay for taxes and fees? This means that Tripoli wants the state, but the state wants Tripoli! We hope that this government will depend on the continued implementation by the government of all the projects planned for the city in previous governments and will release the 100 million dollars granted by President Mikhail's government. By decree to implement some projects in the city.

And the last word, whatever you give to Tripoli, you have no rights, this city has paid the price for the whole of Lebanon and it is time to embrace the entire Lebanon.

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