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Tunisia News / About Your Health: Discover a new benefit from aspirin

For your health: discovering a new advantage of aspirin Exploiting Posted in French on 23 – 11 – 2018 Scientists at the University of Leeds have discovered that aspirin and omega-3 fatty acid (EPA) reduce intestinal "benign" tumors before they become malignant tumors. More than 700 patients from 53 hospitals in England, who after colonoscopy were exposed to colon cancer. Patients are randomized to four groups depending on the type of treatment they will be treated for. Within one year, patients received 300 mg of aspirin, 2 mg of omega-3, or both, or placebo. At the end of the study period, the aspirin group experienced a 22% decrease in the number of benign tumors compared to those taking placebo. However, the proportion of benign tumors on the left side of the intestine in those who ate the acid decreased by 25% compared to those who ate the drug. placebo. According to the researchers, giving patients a combination of aspirin and omega-3 has a stronger effect. Click here to read the news from your source.

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