Sunday , July 3 2022

UN Ambassador Eunice is sponsoring an international conference on epilepsy


On behalf of the Human Development Foundation and the Arab Academy of Sciences, UN Ambassador Dr. Salva Gadar Unis sponsors the sixth International Conference of the Epilepsy and Special Needs Advance Society at a four-point Sheraton Hotel, attended by a number of physicians , researchers and specialists from Scotland, Athens, Germany, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon.

The lectures deal with the latest scientific research, medical reports, treatments and guidelines that the world has learned about the disease.

More than a representative film was presented to the children from the school explaining the importance of epilepsy, the patient's condition and the patient's interaction with it.

Dr. Eunice praises the role of the Advance Epilepsy Society, led by Dr. Arlett Hahnein, and the important and necessary responsibilities in the fields of health and treatment, educational care and the formation of individual behavior and the development of children with special needs and rehabilitation of people with epilepsy, both large and small.

In conclusion, on the eve of the conference, Ambassador Eunice hosted a dinner in honor of them at the Mövenpick Complex, along with the presidents, members, faculty and students of the Advance Epilepsy Society.

Dr. Eunice was surprised by Dr. Arlite Haneen Arbuna's appreciation and appreciation for her contribution to the foundation.

UN Ambassador Younis mediated the dinner participants

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