Monday , August 2 2021

Video: Balqees launches his new song and finds the original replica!

Artist Balqees Fathi celebrated his new song "Shouf Li Sol" which he presented yesterday and achieved great interaction with his audience and who re-circulated their clips in their own way, among them was surprised to surprise everyone with a large ballet between them and Balqis.

Balqis commented on his findings about the similarity between his admirers

Balqees's new song "Show Me a Solution" was an extraordinary response from his followers in the media, and his views reached a quarter of a million in less than 24 hours after his release. Balqees commented on the song, saying: "Habaybi, I hope you like the songs we have done with love and happiness. And singing a lot and we have lots of necks in the studio,

Bilquis republished his song clip from the fans' implementation and found a girl from his fans as a replica, which made him ask the audience about the twilight proportions between them and commented: "similar to hitting again like me and not? Save all my songs and miss me at concerts except for the front row … and the similarity is extraordinary. "

Bilqis Fathi has returned to her artistic activities recently after birth and has held several concerts and launched a song about her new maternity experience titled "Hello Mama" before launching the song "Show me a solution" and is preparing to revive a new ceremony in Amman on the 22nd of this month.

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