Monday , October 3 2022

Wael Kfoury filed a lawsuit against him for this reason!


Angela Beshara, Lebanese star Vael Kufuri, was released on Thursday in court proceedings following differences between them regarding the detention of his daughters and issues related to domestic violence.

According to press reports, her lawyer Ashraf al-Mousavi said that Bushara will go to the Lebanon Court of Appeal on Thursday to sue Vael Khuuri for neglecting his obligations to his family as provided by Article 501 of the Penal Code in Lebanon.

It seems that the pace of events in the case of Wael and Angela will see exciting details in the upcoming period as Moussaoui revealed that there are some users who intervene in the fate of Wael Kfoury and his journey and his daughters hope to win.

Al-Mousavi confirmed that he is in the process of settling new court and financial arrangements to compensate the children of his client, Wael Kfoury, because living conditions in Lebanon are tough compared to current laws.

The lawyer explained that laws in Lebanon and the financial format needed many of the major changes, stressing that a claim would be made to tackle the financial imbalance.

Ashraf al-Musawei noted that the divorce between Vael and Angela occurred in 2018 and that the marriage between them was civil and the termination ceremony was normal, indicating that the subject of watching and watching the two daughters was normal, but the rumors the fictional facts that affected his client made her resort to the judiciary.

Wael Kfoury was associated with Angela Bishara in 2011, and their marriage lasted for about 9 years, and led to two daughters, Michele and Milan, who during this period took their personal life from the cameras and were careful not to post pictures of their family. Their divorce was resolved a few weeks ago through Kfoury's Lebanese friend Rima Nudim.

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