Tuesday , August 16 2022

Watch a fan storming Kazem El Saher's theater. And is his behavior controversial?


Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher was embarrassed during his second performance at the international festivals in Eden yesterday. This came after a fan attended the concert while he sang his song "Quli Ahbak" and started swinging and dancing in front of him.

More noticeable was Sacher's reaction, according to eyewitnesses at the ceremony, who said he let her dance on stage and perform his songs, then grabbed her arm and released her quietly from the stage.
Observers responded greatly to his behavior, praising his persistence and his desire to act in such a position.

Kazem Al Saher's last song was "Sabah Al Kheir Ya Hanim", from the lyrics of Karim Al-Iraq and composed by Talal and Fadel Faleh.

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