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We have completed the development of our rocket trip to the moon by 90%


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August 16, 2019

It could be a space launch system SLS NASA's flagship, the massive rocket that will be responsible for the agency's missions to the moon, is ready in time, following its massive development this summer.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon at Michigan's New Orleans Mounting Facility, NASA Director Jim Pridenstein said engineers now have at least four-fifths of the rockets assembled, making great strides with their "very sophisticated" engines.

According to the NASA president, much of this is due to recent changes in the agency's approach to aggregation, as Bradenstein says the team is able to develop SLS 90 percent.

Earlier this year, there were doubts as to whether the system SLS It will be launched in time to keep up with the Trump administration's accelerated deadline for reaching the moon, Vice President Mike Pence announced the new deadline in March, calling for NASA to "elicit the urgency" of space exploration.

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