Sunday , September 26 2021

Weather in Lebanon … Some are cloudy without temperature modification – Al Manar Channel – Lebanon

The Department of Meteorology at the Civil Aviation Directorate in Lebanon said that the weather in Lebanon for the next two days was cloudy and partly cloudy with light, scattered rain without changing temperatures.

General Status:
Relatively unstable weather dominates the eastern valley of the Mediterranean Sea.

Weather Expected in Lebanon:
Wednesday: A little cloud on the beach, some cloudy sometimes cloudy at home and on the plateau with sometimes sometimes light rain and the temperature still slightly changed.
Thursday: Some are cloudy with medium and high clouds with a slight change in temperature.
Friday: Some are cloudy with medium and high clouds, with slight changes in temperature, gradually changing to cloudy with occasional rain, especially in the interior.
Wind: Northwesterly Day, North to Northeasterly at night, between 10 and 25 km / hour
Swelling: Good overall
Relative humidity on the beach: between 50 and 70%
Sea state: low wave height
Surface temperature: 24 ° C
Atmospheric Pressure: 763 mm Hg

Source: SMD

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