Tuesday , November 24 2020

What are the real benefits of celery juice wonderfully?

The whole juice has recently become the focus of people and their discussions on social networks, so many Hollywood stars declare their love for this juice, is it really useful?

Celery has become an important food for many, and people are confident that juice is very useful, but they believe it is a medicine that helps to cure many diseases.

Nutritionists commented on the popularity of celery and its popularity among celebrities as a model for others, so they recommend that you realize there is no food or juice that can cure illness after eating it.

Experts say there is no need to believe that eating celery juice every day prevents cancer, because they think the benefits of celery juice are not yet scientifically proven for the human body.

It is also true that celery has health benefits because it contains flavonoids that prevent and reduce the incidence of inflammation in the brain and slow the memory deficiency with age, and celery is an important source of fiber and vitamin C and K digestion and potassium.

However, nutrition experts explain that celery cutting and its age change its properties, for example, all juice contains most of the sugar and carbohydrates, which means an increase in calories compared to the natural state containing minutes of hard and rough, and a whole meal of celery juice from the blood glucose concentration,

"Vegetable juice has some drawbacks," said Nutrition Expert Malina Malakani. "Vegetables after their age lose useful fibers that help make them feel better for a longer period, improve gut health and feed beneficial bacteria." "There are several studies that prove the utility of celery juice for human health and, of course, eating this juice is possible, but it is naive to believe its miraculous abilities."

(Russia today)

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