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What are the symptoms of breast cancer?


Statistics show that one out of eight women develop breast cancer! In fact, these statistics are terrible, but at the same time statistics show that recovery is possible in many cases if the disease is detected early. That's why it is important for women to regularly check their breasts and visit the GP at regular intervals, and it is also good to know the main symptoms of breast cancer associated with it.

What is cancer?

Before we tackle the subject of our article, Breast Cancer Symptoms, let's first learn about cancer. The word cancer refers to a wide range of diseases up to 100. Cancer can be defined as uncontrolled cell proliferation The human body is composed of cells as these cells multiply and die within a certain life cycle in a systematic manner.

Cancer begins when genetic changes overlap with regular cell proliferation, after which cells grow uncontrollably until they form a tumor called a tumor. Cancer can be malignant or benign, and malignant disease can grow and spread to other parts of the body, and benign tumors can grow but not spread. When breast cancer occurs in both women and men, it is called breast cancer

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

The most common symptom of breast cancer is the presence of a lump or tumor in the breast tissue where most women go to the doctor after the tumor is detected but the woman should be aware of other symptoms that occur in the breast in case of infection, helps in early detection of the disease.

  • Early warning signs of breast cancer

The symptoms of breast cancer vary from patient to patient, the following being the most important signs of early warning:

  1. Skin changes such as swelling or redness of one or both breasts.
  2. Increase in size or change of breast shape.
  3. General pain in any part of the breast.
  4. Feeling of chest lumps in the chest.
  • The most specific symptoms of the disease
  1. Chest pruritus.
  2. Changing the color of the breast.
  3. Increase chest size or shape (for a short amount of time).
  4. Changes in touch (may feel stiff, tender or warm).
  5. Peeling of the grain skin.
  6. You feel tight or tight.
  7. Reddening of the skin of the breast (becoming orange).

Although the previous symptoms are symptoms of cancer, it is important to know that some infections and benign tumors can cause one of these symptoms, for example, eczema can cause changes in the skin of the breast. These cases are referred to the competent physician.

  • Symptoms of breast cancer in men

There are several cases of men with breast cancer and these cases usually have symptoms similar to women's symptoms, including:

  1. Painless lumps in the chest.
  2. Thickness of the chest.
  3. Changes in the skin of the nipple or breast such as peeling, wrinkling or redness.
  4. Drainage of grains
  • Exaggerated Breast Cancer Symptoms

If the disease is able to breastfeed, it begins to spread and then changes the symptoms, and it is clear to the member that it spreads the disease. If it spreads to the chest or chest wall, the symptoms may include pain, nipple discharge, lump or thickness in the breast or armpit. But if it spreads to the lungs, then the symptoms may include difficulty in breathing or cough, or perhaps chest pain or fatigue and severe general weakness.

If the liver is affected, symptoms may include nausea, severe fatigue, enlarged abdomen, swelling of the feet and hands due to fluid collection, yellowing or itching.
Finally, if breast cancer spreads to the spinal cord and tumors, symptoms may include pain, confusion, memory loss, headache, blurred vision or difficulty speaking.

Medical research continues to seek the right and appropriate diagnosis of the disease in order to gain access to medication and effective treatment and useful.

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