Wednesday , August 10 2022

What did the Bedouins create in the council!


After the angry protests by retired soldiers in front of the House of Representatives, and their attempt to get closer to its surroundings and to pass through the barbed wire and the barriers that were placed in its sanctuary, President Nabi Berry commented, "What created the Bedouins , penetrates into the House of Representatives. "

In detail, during the meeting, Ms. Paula Yakubian told Berry: "Retired soldiers are trying to penetrate the House of Representatives," he replied.

Berry confirmed that he had been in contact with the army management, who told him that retired military personnel were under their leadership.

In addition to the meeting held by the Chamber of Deputies to vote on budget items, retired soldiers are proceeding to the martyrs' square and Riyadh Solh, where they tried to move to the House of Representatives, causing great confusion inside and outside the House of Representatives , which called for the exit of National Defense Minister Elias Busab and Interior Minister Ria El Hassan. Meeting to overcome the situation and reduce tension.

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