Tuesday , August 3 2021

According to Antanas Guoga's statement – crown fans grieve at the door of the "Pagi" office

"We are a club where the Lithuanian national team is a top priority," said A. Guy, an official interview for the "Morning" website.

The club president added that the Vilnius team showed jealousy throughout the country.

"The collection is ours. The club's title is very important, but even for the Euroleague trophy, Olympic gold is more expensive. This is a much bigger victory for all of us," Guy said.

Eriko Ovcharenko / photo 15min / Anthony Guoga

Eriko Ovcharenko / photo 15min / Anthony Guoga

He also indirectly hit Kaunas Zalgiris, who did not release his players to the team through the FIBA ​​window, while "Rytas" transferred his players to the national team. The best, even five.

"It doesn't matter what size the club is, but in the first place there must always be a Lithuanian team," – the president of "Morning" was heard.

However, these statements disgust the loyal fans of the capital club, who followed A.Guoga's notes feisbuke Use playlists "Our priority is" Morning ".

The representative from the "B Tribune" even carried a funeral bouquet and left it near the office "morning". The floral band displays "Club Priorities" and "Liūdi" Morning "Fans".

Feisbuke's "B Tribune" left an entry that said "It's just … sad that lately the priority of" Morning "was defeated. Interest blinking, playing behind the scenes …

People give a lot of "Morning" support anywhere and always. To make it as strong as possible. Thousands of Vilnius people are in the arena and going through this club … We want the first line to always be "Morning". Only this can create a successful club. "

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