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Audrius Bružas for the first time appeared in public with a lover, the Aiste Andrijauskaite | model What is the name

The new Lithuanian drama collapsed into a crowd of famous faces who rushed to see Roland Kazle, who returned to the cinema after a break. In the film "The Worm" he plays one of the main roles, but in foreplay appeared at the premiere with his wife, Sigita.

Actor Audrius Bružas came to see the film band. The famous man is not alone – his company is supported by Aistė who is lovedė.

15 minutes the couple had counted together for several months, but Audrius Bružas never tended to talk about his personal life. Aistė Andrijauskaitė also distanced himself from more detailed comments.

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Guest from the film premiere

Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Guest photo from the premiere of the movie "Worm"

"I have never liked to talk about my life, I will remain in this position now. If we decide otherwise – let me know," – 15 minutes Aiste just said before.

The couple did not change their mind when they came to the film premiere. Even though the event appeared together, they did not like to comment on friendship and did not care about problems.

And even though they don't talk much about their relationship, Audrius and Aiste's friendship with their loved ones is no longer a secret.

And the admirers of the actor even said in the summer that the couple rested at Nida together, and on August 21, Audrius and Aiste did not hide their warm feelings at Rhye's concert at the Botanic Garden of Vilnius University.

Previously, A.Bruzhas married player Shoren Janshavil. Sanding 2017 appealed to the court for divorce, and in 2018 was officially married.

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