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Coconut oil slows down and gives energy

Recently, coconut oil is powered by real American roller submarines – this is called a superman and is lofty, shaken and criticized. Dr. Mark Himman, director of Cleveland Medical Center, says there is no coconut oil to break down.

"I use it every morning to speed up metabolism, to think more clearly, to stay focused and more complex," Fat Diet (BALTO Publishing House) writes. And there are scientifically grounded arguments about how this oil is beneficial to our body.

Like the stern

According to him, mainly coconut oil is cached because of its high saturated fat content. They are unlikely to be unhealthy, harm to the heart and increase obesity. In fact, everything is the opposite.

"Coconut oil is mainly consumed in the South Pacific, with its saturated fat gaining up to 40% of its daily calories, but surprisingly, heart disease is the worst in the world," says Mark Himman. About half of the saturated fat in coconut oil are rare, especially saturated fats, called lauric acid. In the body, lauric acid is converted to monolaurin, one of the mother's substances found in milk, which improves the immune system of babies. It's like a superfuel for cells, metabolism, bone and brain. This acid is tested for antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can also improve sports performance. "

Eating calories

Coconut oil contains very rare and useful saturated fat – medium chain triglycerides (MTT). In the body, they absorb the liver directly from the intestine, making them easy to convert into energy, and only a small portion of them is disposed of in the form of body fat. M. Himman denies the myth that olive oil is completely healthier than coconuts. He presented in 2003 the results of a study published in the Journal of Obesity Research.

During the study, 24 overweight men followed different diets for 28 days – one based on olive oil, others – coconuts. It turned out that while coconut oil was used, people did not just get rid of more fat (especially from the abdomen), but they also felt less hungry and more energetic. Similar results are shown by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Medicine at Rochester University. Researchers found that the use of MCT fatty substances had accelerated by 12%. This leads to more calorie consumption and more energy. Incidentally, in men, these processes go faster – they lose 460 and women have about 190 extra calories.

According to M. Himan, coconut oil slides, noticed for a long time, and not accidentally. According to him, in 1940, some farmers, hoping to fatten cattle fast, gave them extra coconut oil but not only added no extra weight but also sowed. They also become more energetic.

It has antifungal properties

Researchers also found that coconut oil had pronounced antifungal properties. Compared to standard Candida herbal medicines, coconut oil has proven to be more effective. By the way, women have made this discovery without trial. When looking for online advice on how to naturally treat Candida fungus with an extremely unpleasant illness – vaginal thinning, it often comes with guidelines for applying vaginal access to regular coconut rice. There is no shortage of stories and how it really helps.

Having studied the health of 2500 people in the Polynesian islands (using a lot of coconut oil), they are practically non-cardiac and do not cause colon cancer and digestive problems. It is true that it is not clear whether this product should be grateful only for that …

Coconut oil is particularly good because it is more suitable for cooking than other vegetable oils because its combustion temperature is quite high – it can be heated up to 200 degrees. It is true that because of its great smell and taste it is not like everyone else and is more suitable for Asian dishes. The author of the book "Fat Bread" most often likes to eat this oil simply by crushing it in the mouth and using a teaspoon.

It is true that it warns that first-class, environmentally friendly, cold-pressed, unrefined, uneducated and unbleached coconut oil is more beneficial to health.

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