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Famous actors who are preparing for the new comedy of the theater: "Secrets to fall apart and secretly" Names

In this many laughing buildings, for which the play was written by famous actor Ramnus Shimukauskas, four beautiful ladies from the capital's climb to the provincial city police station. And here begins incredibly entertaining adventures, relationships and intrigue of women who will try to quell the station policeman and one of the ladies has called for help.

"Comedy will burst not only a laugh bomb, but every spectator who has left the hall after the show will have a bouquet of optimism and good mood," – assured performers of the show.

Photo by Martynas Sirusas / Oneda Kunsunga and Ramunas Shimukauskas

Photo by Martynas Sirusas / Oneda Kunsunga and Ramunas Shimukauskas

This is "Rasos 2 The Holiday Continues!", According to Oneida Kunsung, revived the memories of childhood when it came to wisdom to achieve its own. She clearly remembers the visits of her grandmother, who at the holidays had many grandchildren, pleased with her own boiled condensed milk dish. When the family broke out, she and her sister secretly went to enjoy the taste.

"Once we met the cow with the grandfather who came to give her passion, it was true that the trip could not conceal any hints because we inadvertently found what we did when we all slept sweetly – Enida Kunson remember a laugh in history.

She assured her that she had been cursed more than once, but that she had colors every day.

"I can not say any details, because then I will open my cards" – the interlocutor assured himself that he was not hiding in a good mood.

And actress Aušra Štukytė has no doubt – we mostly go out and embrace our childhood.

Martynas Sirusas nuotr. / Aušra Štukytė

Martynas Sirusas nuotr. / Aušra Štukytė

"But … with age, we do not stop this, but we do it differently," she smiled.

This was also backed by Vitaly Mukeshishit, adding that a large number of people even live in wit, and they do not even notice it.

"In our childhood we broke up more because we learned how to do it best!" laughter assured the performance of Tadas Grinnas.

According to him, with the jolly premiere, the audience is waiting for many stories about women with an open end, absurd situations, detective intrigues and live songs.

– Women do not lie. They believe in what they say! "- Aušra Štukytė, who plays a remarkable role in her performance, does not doubt that.

She, like the other "Race 2. Celebration continues" premiered actors, assured that the chosen comedy team is enjoying, at the same time spending every minute.

Photo: Martynas Sirusas / Gabija Jaraminaitė

Photo: Martynas Sirusas / Gabija Jaraminaitė

"We will try to move this lightness, festive mood, female charm on stage," said Oneida Kunsunga.

The first part of the comedy "NO POSSIBLE STORY (NO) Power to Remember / RASOS", surprisingly popular, surprised the audience with open tales of adorable women for their life and blew the fireworks with laughter in all the cities of Lithuania. So the show gathered a huge crowd of fans at whose request the creative team created a tear that will make a funny comedy "Rasos 2! The festival continues!

Comedy actors – the audience is famous for television shows, films and various theatrical projects: Aušra Štukytė, Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, Gabija Jaraminaite, Eglė Mikulionytė, Oneida Kunsunga, Ramūnas Šimukauskas and Tadas Grynas – promise unique emotions.

Martina Sirosas / Theatrical Comedy

Martinsas Sirusas / Theatrical Comedy "The Rasos 2 The Festival Continues!"

The closest dates for the premiere are December 10th. Kedaina, 19 December Ravalishki, 20 December Shilute, 26 December Jurbarkas, 30 December Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities. For more information, visit and

The director is Richards Wattatas, the author of the game is Ramms Shimukauskas.

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