Tuesday , July 27 2021

Formula 1 in Brazil: Ferrari tries to save honor, strange champion of Max

Who will win the race tonight? Write your answer in the comment.

In the footsteps of Interlag Brazil, Saturday's qualification again achieved the best results and Lewis Hamilton won the pole position (1 minute 7.301 seconds). He already secured the champion's name, so I will go relax.

Lewis's main rival, Sebastian Vettel, is in an unfavorable situation. He starts second.

The third was Walter Bott from Mercedes, who had left Kimi Raikkonen (who had started the 150th Kim with Ferrari) for himself. So the fight between Mercedes and Ferrari will be stubborn.

However, knowing Sebastien Vettel, one can predict that he will try to take risks and curvish the avant-garde. How it will end, we will soon learn.

What was worthy of an episode when Brazil got caught up in S. Vettel did not listen to a judge during the weighing: he did not turn off the engine, and even went away from them. This damages the weighing device. For this, you receive a warning and 25 thousand. Eur. alright

Progress of the race

Ferrari racing for soft pilots, and all other TOP 10 superconductor racers. The Synoptics say they can lose.

54/71. Sebastian Vettle desperately tries to regain the lost position. It's time to change tires. Return to position 7. Now, first, throw Charles Leclerc.

Leading tire L. Hamilton is no longer the first child. What is the Mercedes tactic?

49/71. The Red Bull pilot dropped down – D. Ricciardo approached fourth place V.Botto.

44/71. Esteban O & # 39; Connor (Force India) decided to fight him for the fierce leader Max Verstappen. Max gets a blow to the side, turns around. Lewis returned to the first place using it.

L. Hamilton rose older is being Ban, M. Worstappen, rolled it again with newer soft. Intrigue continues.

At that time, another Red Bull pilot, Daniel Ricciardo, defeated Sebastian Vettel.

40/71. What made Max Verstappen do it! Passing Lewis and defending him with great maneuvers. By the way, Max drives a new one more gently yellow tires, so it has an edge over Lewis.

The Ferrari pilot, D. Ricciard, has stopped changing their tires (yellow-soft), up to 4th place.

37/71. Tire replacement by Max Verstapenas. He returned to third place gently.

The first trip was D. Ricciardo (but still had to change the supermarket tire), Lewis Hamilton returned to the second. Kimis su Sebastianu – only 5-6 places. Condolences for the Reds.

28/71. Kim Raikkonen stopped for the service area too. Great teamwork – Kimis with new ones is being the tire is back for S.Vettel. Both of them are now pursuing V.Botta.

19/71. While V.Bottas changed the supermarket is being Tires, Max Verstappen rode the fastest lap again. Lewis won't easily resist it. Because of this, he also began changing tires, choosing is being.

In this way, M. Worstappen, who runs supermarket tires, becomes a leader. Next – K. Raikkonen and S.Vettle, moving softly "yellow". L. Tamil – sixth, V. Bottas – only ninth.

Will the tire change tactic work? Because Red Bull pilots must definitely replace their "red" supermarket tires.

14/71. Max increases speed. He was in front of V. Bro and was chasing Lewis Hamilton. Both Ferrari pilots rose in positions 4 and 5 respectively. For them, this does not mean something good.

4/71. S. Vettel fever, slid and fell to fifth place. He was superior to Kim Raikkonen and Max Verstappen.

1/71 wheel Walters Down wiped his nose at Sebastian Vettle and preceded him at the beginning. Of course, Lewis blocked his inner turn.

Now, the two Mercedes riders are the first. Max Verstappen showed the highest speed at the beginning of the race, and ranked fourth in fourth place Raikkonen.

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