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In the "Žalgiris" arena – "Gregorian" rehearsal from the concert tour

Blind and dark "Žalgiris" arena. Forms of a lit, smoky scene – eight men wearing jeans and sweaters are making a chorus of Gregorian chants.

Soon after, the instrumentalists who gave the melody a rock sound for rock music came in.

The photographer puts a camera in his eye and says, "No, no, please do not take a picture. After two hours we'll start rehearsing with picturesque clothes, please take pictures then."

Shortly after the break, the Gregorian band of Gregorian singers split the Gregorian Chamber, leaving only three: Lawrence White, Brendan Matthew and Miles Horner.

In Kaunas they are from Monday night. Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday are intended for concert live shows for intensive rehearsals. Here, in Kaunas, for a few weeks, rehearsing separately, a vocal group from the UK came to meet with instrumentalists from Germany: guitarist, guitarist, teacher and percussionist. Along with them came the technical scene staff, chef – a group of 25 people.

"We still have not had time to visit the city. Maybe he will stay on Thursday before the concert. We played in Lithuania many times. I will never forget the video in Vilnius that I saw from the hotel on the 20th floor: the whole city is covered with snow illuminated by the rising sun. It was true that it was very cold at the time – he did not want to get his nose in the field. It's warmer now, "L. White smiled, and he and B.Mathew were old members of the band.

L.White sings for 15 years. "After one of the first appearances with Gregorian, I remember standing in the hands of a beer box and a cigarette Two women came to me and asked for a blessing I did not know what to tell them I swore and I had nothing left to get myself by the bus we were in and hiding.

After one of my first appearances with Gregorian, I remember standing in the hands of a beer cup and a cigarette. Two women came to me and asked for a blessing.

Gregorian members emphasize that they represent themselves as a religious choir in the minds of musical manners rather than lifestyle. "For monks like our cold beer after a concert, most of us are in the field of performing arts, for example, I am an actor, Miles, from a musical theater, opera, so we have a singing actor," said Matthew.

L.White affirms that many members of the group have previously churches in churches: "I have been with Gregorian for fifteen years now, but occasionally I also sing church choreography." Many of us are now singing in London of professional choirs – churches We have gained a lot of experience in this genre, many of us have formed in the classical singing environment, the church music and the choir are one of the classical music, and have many centuries of tradition, like the Gregorian chorus we sing in.

"Yes, and this is an eternal tradition that gives inspiration, even those like me who do not come from a church musical environment," said B. Matthew. "I heard the story that our first producer, Frank Peterson, the guy who came with Gregorian, that he still works with Enigma at the time – he was sitting in a café where rock music was played, mixing with a choir of the church that stretched out through the open church door, and Fr Peterson's fest combines these styles: rock, pop and church singing and presenting it to the audience, which was the birth of Gregorian.

Still, what part of their music is the Gregorian choir, metal, arm or pop music – in your heart? "If it's open, then the Gregorian part of the music is slow, relaxing, meditative, but when the instrumentalists give it metal, rock or pop music, it awakens everyone, it's easy to get shocked, and in some of the songs of the Sacred Chants, half of the instrumental music comes in and everyone is easily shaken, "said L. White.

"Sometimes we make our own, Gregorian musical works, and that's also a very exciting thing, for example," The Moment of Peace "or" The World without End. "And that's a very exciting thing: Make such pieces, feel that what we're singing, is really our creative family, "said B. Matthew.

"Singing the Gregory Choir is also a pleasure, but when you're on stage, you want to feel and distribute the energy that rock music gives to the choir," admitted L. White.

"It is a pleasure for me as a new member to see what various musical styles we work on and what we do, as a label of group quality: Gregorian is able to get such a sound that meets the church and the cathedral," says M. Horner . He emphasizes, therefore, that the distinguishing sign of the group is the creation of a "mix" of the tradition of singing the church and the musical style of time.

What have we heard in this episode, different from the previous Gregorian? "This time we offer a traditional Christmas show with a little rockenrolle, and this performance is visually high," one vocalist explains one by one. "The beginning of the concert is very spiritual, with religious, Christian insights, with very peaceful and peaceful moments, as if I invite you to mention a peaceful Christmas, then move on to another part of the music spectrum – to energetic rhythms, rock melodies, "Morhorn said.

Gregorian begins a tour of the Sacred Chants in Europe. After concerts in Kaunas, Palanga and Vilnius will travel to Poland, Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland.

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