Wednesday , July 28 2021

"Neptune" was beaten in Germany in the most sought-after match of the season

The appearance of the FIBA ​​Championship continues Klaipėda "Neptūnas" (3/4), after ending a failed trip to Germany in the first round – even 78: 102 (15:24, 23:24, 22:30, 18:24) land the Bayer Beth crew (3/4).

The "Neptune" match started badly, allowing him to quickly score 8 points to Hassan Martin and return 9:18. After Laimonas Kisielius, who was asked by Kazis Maksvicius for one minute, Laimonas Kisielius was fired from a distance, "Neptune" immediately reached 3 points, but Gregor Horvath increased the difference. Germany is finished every quarter – 24:15

The second quarter also began hastily for the Klaipėda people – often representatives of Lithuania who were wrong immediately had to bear a double-digit deficit (15:27). The difference then fluctuates around the double-digit limit many times, and Medi is knocked out for a long break with 48:38.

It seems that Kazys Maksvicius clothing craftsman failed to inspire his students and after a long break the difference only increased until he reached even 24 points – 70:46. Until the end of the quarter, Neptune reduced the distance by just a little – 60:78.

The fourth quarter did not bring new wind – Neptune failed to significantly reduce the gap and did not give up on German fans.

This is definitely the worst match for Neptune's season. So far, all the losses in the Champions League have experienced a one-way difference, and the worst failure occurred on Sunday, when 78:93 fell to Vilnius "Rytui".

Neptune: Jeremiah Grant 21 (8/12 colony), Tom Delilinist 15 (3/4 three times), Gytis Masiulis, Simas Galdikas and Lorenzo Williams (1/5 tricks) after 7.

Medi: Adonis Thomas 21 (5 years ago), Hassan Martin 19 (9 rebounds, 3 per.), De & # 39; Mon Brooks and David Stockton after 13, Gregor Horvath 11.

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