Tuesday , November 24 2020

Samsung Moves Folding Phone Deals: The Company's Reputation Is Striking But Still Lossing Hope

According to financial analysts, Samsung's decision to postpone the roll-out of the collapsing Galaxy Fold on the market will harm the company's reputation, but smartphone experts still believe that this technology giant will create a high-quality product announced by CNBC.

The Galaxy Fold smartphone from the South Korean electronics company was due to appear on April 26th. Experienced phone technicians have noticed several device issues. Samsung said improvements needed before the phone started. The company's representatives added that a new release date would be announced in the coming weeks.

Samsung's Fall and Stock Value

If the operation of this phone is postponed for a long time, this will cause concern for shareholders, says Daniel Yu, director of global strategy and research at Kiwoom Securities. He told CNBC that Samsung's Galaxy S10 is considered a "very good" device, but the release of a foldable phone will determine whether the world's largest smartphone manufacturer will continue to be the leader in its field and will play an important role in the technology progress.

"I hope Samsung will solve all the problems before announcing a new folding phone date and will do so by 2019. – said Yo, referring to the three-month period ending in June. "I doubt the appearance of this phone will be postponed for a long time, given the company's experience with Note 7," added the man.

Bob O'Donnell, founder, president and analyst at Technalysis Research, said delaying the device would hit the Samsung brand.

"It will hurt Samsung's brand, but I do not think it will fail. This case is not similar to the problems with Note7 battery in the phone, "says the man, adding that smartphone manufacturers have to solve technical problems.

Unpaid lessons

2016. Samsung has suffered one of the biggest technological strikes when it comes to the Galaxy Note 7, which had to cancel its production due to the low battery battery, which is a risk of ignition.

Some commentators say their test phones do not bend well. Others mentioned that the devices did not work after removing the protective film from the screen. The device tested by CNBC representatives began to flash and stopped working after two days, although the protective film was not removed.

According to B. O'Donnell, Samsung's drive towards Galaxy Fold as soon as possible falls into the hands of customers.

"I'm not sure why they are so busy. Huawei has announced the release of a new phone, but will not sell it for a long time, the man said. "That rush makes me think the company wants to make sure the device is OK. But obviously not. "

This year, Huawei introduced the Mate X smartphone at the World Congress for Mobile Technology in Barcelona, ​​but announced the release of the device in 2019. in the middle. Its price is even higher than Samsung Galaxy Fold. Huawei Mate X will cost around $ 2,600.

According to B. O`Donnell, screen folding technology has been used for a long time. The challenge for telephone companies was to start producing such a mass production screen. Samsung seems to be the first company to do that. Although the arrival of this phone will slow down, the situation is not desperate.

"Let's not forget that Samsung has been working on this technology for years. Though there are still some things to do, I think the corrections will be quite insignificant, "said O'Donnell. He added that his smartphone Galaxy Fold has so far had no problems with the people who tested the phone.

The crisis in the phone market

The smartphone industry faces growth difficulties for several reasons. First, people use their phone for a relatively long time. Market Data Research Company International Data Corporation predicts in March 2019 that this will be the third consecutive year when phone sales are down. Global smartphone sales are expected to drop by 0.8% this year.

According to analysts, folding phones can determine the growth of this industry, which is necessary to reverse the decline in sales trends.

Patrick Morrhead, president and analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, told CNBC that Galaxy Fold's latest phone is not a problem and Samsung is not pursuing an aggressive "no matter" program, probably the growth of folding smartphones will increase.

"Smartphone sales are down, so this industry needs a new generation of handsets," he said.

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