Monday , August 2 2021

Sheep flew to Belarus in the Svencionys area

The incident in Zeliankai village was captured by his compatriot. The sheep come to a wall where there is no protective fence, but move in parallel with the lines of the wall falling to the part where the fence was erected.

Slightly sinking on the Lithuanian side, the sheep forces went farther and, at the far end of the fence, turned to Belarus and immediately disappeared into the forest.

Border guards Svencionys told colleagues from Belarusian authorities about the incident and began searching for sheep owners. It soon became clear that the sheep belonged to half-century and tenth mothers living within a few kilometers.

He told the border guards that he could not take care of the sheep because of his health, and left the herd with his good will. Border guards know a number of cases when domestic animals travel abroad, but their owners rush to recover animals and rejoice in them. Information about the fate of sheep from Belarus has not been received from border guards in Belarus.

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