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Singer Jurga received an intriguing role in the latest Netflix series

As the press says, the series tells of the collapse of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. His filming last year took place in Lithuania and Latvia, with Jurga playing in three of six series. There are also more Lithuanian actors in the series: Indra Patkauskaite, Karina Stungite, Milda Noreykete, Simonas Dovicuduskas, Kastoutis Sigrenas, Leonard Pobedonoschess and others.

"It was a great experience with a strong team and friendly support from the main actors," recalls Jurga with pleasure. "It's good to get in touch and become part of a professional movie mechanism."

Jurga Šeduikytė

Jurga Šeduikytė in Netflix Series / Photo: Vadas Stakevichus

Jurga boasts and boasts that the Netflix series like Chernobyl and the recent "Last Kings" are partly filmed in Lithuania and abound by Lithuanian actors. "She encourages Lithuania as a country," convinced the singer, who was fascinated by the combination of music and film from his childhood.

In her career, Jurga not only won several dozen music awards in Lithuania, she was awarded in Europe (MTV European Music Award), the United States (Just Plain Folks Awards), and in Sweden (the Baltic Song Festival), but also connects much your professional career with cinema.

Earlier, Jurga played a major role in the movie "Wine Cellar" (directed by Richardas Matachus), who created music for Master and Tatiana (director Gidre Jitste), Dom (director Zaza Halvashi, Sarkatwell), and for music for the cartoon "Bits (Director Gediminas Shiaoulis) won the Silver Crane, currently working as a director, screenwriter and composer in the short animation Mora Mora.

In the near future, Jurga will be able to see not only the Netflix screens but also the concerts. On Wednesday, July 17, she will host a solo concert with her band in Old Town Vilnius, Summer Terrace. She will also participate in festivals on July 13 at the Alcaia Acasio in Kulaoutouva and July 19 in Skala in Haapsalu, Estonia.

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