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Singing poetry and bard songs at the traditional Akacia allea festival Names

Traditionally, the festival was opened by the participants in Little Akatsia. This year, five young artists – Gerda Calvati, Domantas Barkauskas, Ignas Lipinius, Victoria Golubkevichte and Rougile Baldandi – organized their performances on stage.

For the first time on the stage of the festival, the group "Vitražai" appeared, which presented to the audience the 12-year studio album "Let's Let's Talk", which has been aged for the last 12 years. Also for the first time in "Akacij" alėja "his best-produced Lithuanian songs were presented by performer Karolis Rupus of Klaipeda.

Performances of stage veterans

The spoken texts of the festival sounded from the lips of Andrius Zasiska-Zala, the vocalist and author of the Arbata group. The subtlety and the enormous energy in this artist's work intertwine with the harmonious performance that listeners admire.

Photos from the organizers / by Mileris-Noah

Photos from the organizers / by Mileris-Noah

Akacijų alėja Specialist Darius Miller-Knife, who has returned from Dublin, met with a crowd of loyal fans who are waiting for their rare performances in Lithuania.

Performing his most popular songs, D.Milleris-Noyus performed the song "In the Mountains" with the artist and producer of the Kazimeras Lyksha festival. A new arrangement of the song, created in 2002, seven years ago, was recorded by friends on the stage in Dublin.

Openings at the festival

The true discovery of the festival became a music group of two brothers of Kuteyaya. With its stupidity and vigorous live performances, the group has already crowned the crowd on stage with the first performance chords, and at the end of its performance, other performers had to gather in the jolly mood of the audience and a great influx of emotions.

The band "White Crows" also appeared for the first time on the stage of "Akacijų alėja". The exclusive vocal duet of Milda and Theresa Andriausque just struck the stage. Later in the band, the vocalists of the band managed to bribe listeners at the festival for the first few seconds by inviting them to a musical journey through the Aukshtatia mountains or Scotland.

Gratitude and rules of love

Exclusive concerts in pine shrines were also donated by Jurga Shuduika (Jurga) and Jeva Narkut, who performed two very melodic and sensitive music and well-known to Akasai Alley fans.

Jurga, who appears on stage, admits that Kulautuva is an extremely close and heart-loving place that is associated with tranquility and childhood. The artist reveals to all that she had lived in Kulaoutvava some time in her childhood.

In her childhood memories, she remembers the sweet teeth she wrote in Kulautwu. That's why returning to this place is for her. Jurga also thanks the listeners who have once entrusted her music to her first song "Don 't Fear".

Photo of the organizers / Eve Narkutė

Photo of the organizers / Eve Narkutė

According to the performer, her mission on the stage is to move the listeners where they have long dreamed of being.

"Sometimes people think that those who are on stage and actually are above. I do not think so. I think we are for you to have fun or to get to where you always wanted to be.

When he sees a dead person, he gets very good. And if you want to go somewhere, all the songs tell you something. They must be opened and closed. I wish this because it is very nice then, "Jurga's performer gave a song to the listeners of the festival, which she put on the album of the best songs" Where were you a year ago. "

At the festival, along with guitarist Aurimas Droukas, I. Narkute performed a special "All Love Rules" program that was updated this summer.

As always, the music of the artist, touching the listener in the texts of the heart, is always sensitive, and this time is accompanied by love rules.

"I love to sing and talk about love. I make it constant. And most like the slightly changed aspects of love and relationships. For example, how do you have no mind to engage in relationships with another person? "- Ieva Narkute began her intriguing performance.

The festival was first crowned by the group "Antique Caspian Teeth", which appeared on the stage of "Akacijų alėja". Five times a group of five boys who started their musical way of singing at the university created a real sauna. This did not interfere with the band's performance, although drummer Carol had to play a broken arm.

Photo of the organizers / Music Festival

Photo of the organizers / Music Festival "Akacijų alėja 2019" in Kulaoutouva

The band of musicians, violating music and style stereotypes, did not allow the audience to relax on stage. His strong energy, rhythmic music and fascinating communication with the audience kept his upsurge until his appearance.

After the last song of their performance "Mazule", the band was forced to stay on stage and listen to another song.

During the whole event, the lyrical spirit of the festival was supported by the actor of the festival leader, contractor Gedruz Arbachiauskas.

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