Sunday , July 25 2021

The Baltic Challenge Cup is a victory for Japanese ice hockey players

Although Belarusians were more active at the start of the match, Japan won the first chance to play in the majority, when marked by Junija Yamada. In the first quarter after Kazumi Iwamoto's strike, Asian players already had a two-goal advantage.

In the second half, the Maršonakas Pavelas narrowed the gap, but Shigeki Hitosato and J. Yamados' second goal helped Japan to get a solid edge. Finally, Go Tanaka finished the match in the third quarter.

After this duel, Japanese accounts have 4 points and lead in Group A. However, the Lithuanian and Belarusian teams will play their second match on Saturday and the victorious Lithuanians will take over the Japanese team.

On Friday, the Romanian team managed to start the tournament, which 7: 3 (1: 0, 2: 1, 4: 2) beat Estonia. The last is the second failure in two days.

After the victory, Romania ran to Group B in first place.

At the end of the first quarter, Romans were the first to score, and although the two Estonians managed to score, the second half of the match was owned by Romanian teams. In total, seven times, the Romanian team has won four winning goals. The plantation did not help many opponents' penalty minutes in the last quarter – they all sat on the bench who were sentenced eight times and received a 16 minute fine.

All seven goals in Romania were scored by different players – Balaszas Peter, Cjanad Fodor, Eduard Casaneanu, Gergo Biro, Xanice Anorei, Pavlo Borysnko, and Esombor Mounar.

Kevin Parra, Jaan Sorokin and Andrei Makrov scored exactly in Estonia's matches.

The Estonian team will lose their final position after losing this match. At that time, Romania will fight on Saturday for access to the tournament finals.

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