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The biggest conspiracy theory in the world: They believe billionaires live on secret continents

The elite is hiding behind an ice wall

Around the 3rd century BC. Chr. Cr. We know that the planet we live on is circular. But just as long and despite the many images of Earth viewed from space, a conspiracy theory refuses to admit defeat and is still growing: the idea that Earth is flat.

Proponents of this conspiracy theory claim not only that the Earth is circular, but that the Earth is only a few thousand years old. Sometimes we can hear their lips tell us we live in the Hollywood scene (our life is just a surprising simulation) and vaccinations hurt.

In 2018, the film's director is Daniel J. Clark released a documentary called "Behind the Curve" for believers that Earth is flat. Very soon, the film gained huge popularity on both sides: those who knew the Earth was circular could not believe it, conspiracy theorists pseudoscience and believers on a flat Earth did not fully understand why more people did not join their ranks – in the end after all, their facts are indisputable.

To make this movie, J.J. Clark joined the community of supporters of this conspiracy theory. The film does not mock these personalities, but seeks to understand them better. Some of them genuinely believe that they are "winning the science."

The director told Huck magazine about his experience. According to him, there are several reasons why conspiracy theorists find it useful to lie that the Earth is circular.

"One is the religious angle that says that the globe does not need God to exist. However, the existence of a dome (one of the theories of flat earth) requires some form of creator (someone had to create a dome). They believe that the "government" conceals the dome and the evidence of a flat Earth because it proves the existence of God. The government wants to govern religion.

And then there is another theory that there are, in fact, continents beyond Antarctica, full of elites, rich and powerful, and they want to keep this secret so that no one can fly into space. They do not want people to go to other continents. "This explains why liberals are worried about climate change – because a huge ice wall will melt and the continents will be accessible to everyone," Clark says.

Asked if he noticed any connections between religion and supporters of this conspiracy theory, the director replied that there were indeed overlaps. "Certainly some of them are believers. But not all. But the believers were really the people we spoke to: they believe that the dome was created by some creator. However, they do not necessarily have to say, "This is proof of biblical truth." But I have seen a lot of such views on the internet, ”Clark says.

The world through the eyes of an adherent on a flat Earth

According to, according to the management of the Flat Earth Society since 2009, their ranks add 200 new members each year (mostly American and British).

Although there is ample evidence from Earth, conspiracy theorists always come back with an even longer, sometimes absurd, list of their own evidence.

The basic theory of flat Earth is that the Earth is a disk with a polar circle in the center and an ice wall 150 feet high in Antarctica.

NASA officials are said to be guarding this ice wall to prevent people from climbing and falling off the disk.

The Earth's day and night cycles are interpreted as specifying that the Sun and Moon are spheres 51 kilometers long. They are said to be moving in circles 4,828 km above the earth's surface.

The stars, they say, are also moving in this plane. Like floodlights, these celestial spheres illuminate different parts of the planet within a 24-hour cycle. Proponents believe there must also be an invisible "antilun" that darkens the moon during eclipses.

They also say that earth's gravity is an illusion. Objects do not accelerate as they fall; instead, the Earth's disk accelerates upwards. It is powered by a mysterious force called dark energy. At this point, flat lands do not agree on whether Einstein's theory of relativity allows the Earth to accelerate infinitely upwards without ultimately disrupting the speed of light. It turns out that supporters believe in Einstein's theories.

What lies beneath the earth's disk is unknown, but most flat lands consider it "rocks".

They also believe that globe photography is simply fitting, and GPS devices are so designed that even airplane pilots think they are flying in straight lines around the sphere when they are actually circling above the disk.

Most importantly, while many conspiracy theorists have no answers, they actively disseminate information on social media to attract more members.

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