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Unique workplace of the firefighter in Lithuania: like witches in a chicken leg hut

The founder of this unique house is Algirdas Valaviwus, founder of the Gorios Aida Forestry Museum, which hosts visitors in Druskininkai since 1972. The house has been in this place for decades and has been recently renovated. Nearby there is a gazebo, an outside toilet, which makes it an ideal place for the temporary stay of the tourists. We also stop. A warm but ultra-windy afternoon in the house is home to a fire engine.

"Older, I think," says the midnight fireman at the door.

We have been insisting for a while. The conclusion is conditional, but the fire will probably be in the seventies of the last century.

His younger colleague, as an educational program guide who pretends to be a firefighter, kindly invites you inside. Greetings, as if I've been a good acquaintance for a long time. While choosing words like peas, he enthusiastically begins to tell stories from his everyday life. The eyes interfere with the discoveries on the walls leaning on the shore of the forest – different living skeletons. And here – pictures of chalets built just over half a century ago.

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

There was a tower and a tower

Firefighters tell us that until recently a metal clock 47 meters above the fire stood on the same hill (no fire, only one clock), one of the colleagues had to sit on a regular basis.

Perhaps four years ago, after the fall of statics, which could now collapse, its functions were taken over by a CCTV camera hanging over a neighboring telecommunication tower. The image captured by them is monitored by Druskininkai's dispatching personnel. If they see the smoke, they report the fire in the hut of the chicken legs of the observers.

– Oh, these names. No need for pictures. We are non-non-pathogens, "shy messenger.

When I did not hear the name, I decided to call him a rattan. The young firefighter just smiles. It turns out that this nickname is common to them.

"Parents from all over Lithuania bring children who do not listen. Worship the witches. No, we do not scare the kids. Only parents pagūzdina: "Let's leave it, you know." Last year, even the Germans came with a camper. Near the village. Two days passed, he laughs.

Asked when he remembered the children's tales about the witches, the interlocutor began to share the memories of a tour of the Museum of Gerios Aido.

"There was so much hell there. Sitting on a bench, a witch ripped off the crest. This is terrible. Right behind your face, back. I remember my classmates, even kneeling, "the fireman said.

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

It's been decades

The witch says the hut is in this place since the 80's. This is a play by A. Valavičius, a man-artist – presented by a firefighter.

"He fired his head and did it anyway." He was a man in front of the park when he was built you are homeThe trees were not around. Clean Mountain. Later just planted. The park started. Now she looks prettier, "the fireman said, singing the story.

Their team belongs to the forestry in Weissay. There are five people in this team. Two or three firefighters are on duty in a shift that lasts only one day of light.

"We do not sit here for the days. At night the hut is locked. The Common Help Center takes over our work. We work from 8 am to 21:00 in the evening. We do not have home extinction. When it comes to helping firefighters for others, we can only pump water. The transition to our machines is good.

We struggle with waiting, forests. This year we launched three fires. They all lit the flash. And when it's hot and dry … The fire can shine from white glass, fire, cigarettes. Now we have an extra case. A state of emergency was declared. "Very Dry", which is exceptional this year, was recognized by the interlocutor who worked for the seventh season as a firefighter.

If they were so dry, would they lack Jukai delicacies like fruits and mushrooms?

– Bad summer. Neither the fruits nor the mushrooms nor the Jukai girls will drink. All dressed – jokes senior colleague.

The camps are cultural

According to firefighters, the threat to the hobby itself has never occurred – the hooligans are circumventing it. Once there was something out of the window.

"Do not surrender, God," was only a 29-year-old interlocutor.

And the campers, he said, became more cultural – the campsites left clean.

"Everybody went wrong," said a senior colleague.

– Did I emigrate? – I'm listening.

"He's just gone," he says.

Climb onto the second floor of the lodge. There is also a third firefighter. Old litters, built in front of the TV stand, for a comfortable chair.

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

"What are you doing when you do not need anything to quit?"

"The Internet works here," he smiles.

Table maps show that there are other activities.

– I hate the grass. Helping the foresters "- what works in the free time called" witches ".

When I melt in the Merickene Fire Station, I assure that everything is satisfied, enough for them. The work in the hut is only warm during the season: from May to September.

The fires are fine

These five firefighters are run by Vitautas Zillskas, Merrike's overseer. He works for 28 years.

"The Merkina hut on a chicken leg – analogous to Gerios Idoo Lodge – Reduced version – we are glad we have such a house – the visitors are very busy.

It is difficult to say what has first appeared – a hut or a metal observation tower. Here as chicken and egg. The built tower is in this place because it is the highest place most suitable for forest observation. There were maybe three or four such towers around, the other smoke. The cards are placed in towers. When the co-ordinates entered, they said, in which quarter of the plot, smoke. The work was done quickly. This hill is extremely convenient for everyone: fire and visitor staff. Three years ago we dug and rebuilt the chalet. It has already begun to become a leg, "explained V. Zhivliskas.

Asked if it would be easy to figure out who was going to sit in the hen's hen's hut, he replied that Merkin's team had been "settled" before, and now it's hard for the driver to talk. After all, the villages are empty. According to V. Živulskas, during his off-season, his employees work as electricians, mechanics and find another job.

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

Photo by Carolina Barbel / Chicken Leg Company

"What do you do when you will not smoke?" People shine. You need to know what's going on inside and outside the hut. This year we had three small fires. A very fraudulent because of the slow fire. Even the next day there was only smoke. When the wind burst, the day passed. All three were from lightning.

Forest roads are not highways, motorways or highways.

We do not want to be brave, but neighborhoods, firefighters in the woods do not have such an orientation and we know our places perfectly. Forest roads are not highways, motorways or highways. There must be a saw and ax. Sometimes you have to remove the path and remove the tree.

When was the biggest fire? Perhaps in 1994, the young forests burned near the railway line to the Belarusian border. And the apiary was the current leader of Park Grove – Villeum Malinauskas. We are now home. We still bathed in the lake, washed the soot. It was a very dry period, a big fire, "- recalls V. Zhivliskas.

According to him, locals are not indifferent to forest fires. When you arrive, you usually find one of them who started fire.

And where was the witch out of the hut?

It's the same thing that drives out of the dragon, Giirios's assistant, and watches our hut. It was better in the resort, it was there, "said the runner.

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