Tuesday , September 17 2019
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100 victims of Pasir Gudang file a report against officials

A child who suffers from pollution caused by the dumping of chemical waste at Sungai Kim Kim in March is going to the "Medic Base" stadium in Pasir Gudang for treatment. (Bernama pic)

More than 100 air pollution victims in Pasir Gudang filed a police report today, urging the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

Among the victims who submitted the reports are the residents of Taman Pasir Putih, Kota Masai and Tanjung Putters Resort, which were among many areas affected by polluted air in March and June.

The police report is made through Taman Pathic's permanent environmental pollution body.

Organization Deputy Chairman Mohh Rafi Abdullah, 46, said that an investigation should be conducted as there is a possibility that monitoring and implementation may be imperfect as a result of pollution.

He said the body had found shortcomings after having checked the data on illegal landfills, illegal factories, plant breaching rules, and recent media reports.

"We ask the authorities concerned to conduct an investigation to determine whether there are elements of corruption, law enforcement threats or unlawful conduct that cause these incidents," he told reporters today.

Police Head Seri Allam Ismail Dahl confirmed that a police report has been filed today by the authorities.

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