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April 24 water cutting: Store water for 48 hours, all – nation

Putrajaya: Keep a 48-hour water supply – this is the advice that Pengurusan Air Selangor has for over 620,000 households in the Klang Valley that will face the biggest water cut in the history of the state.

Cranes are expected to dry for 86 hours from April 24.

"Users are advised to store water for two days for this period.

"Although water is expected to continue for 86 hours, we expect the water supply to resume up to 50% of affected areas within 24 hours of repair work," said Air Selangor Chief Executive Suhaimi Kamaralazman at a press conference at the National Water Supply Commission (SPAN) on Friday (April 19th).

He said that during the interruption period, 82 tankers for water, 17 water tankers and 160 water tanks will be deployed.

"Water tankers will be deployed on April 24 to critical locations such as hospitals and medical and hemodialysis centers.

"However, consumers can request water in case of emergency, such as to facilitate wedding celebrations or funerals," he added.

Suhaimi said that those in the manufacturing sector may want to supply their own water supply during this period.

A total of 620,835 accounts or 4,143,465 users in 577 districts in Klang, Shah Alam, Petaling, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, and Kuala Selangor will be affected by the interruption of water supplies.

Meanwhile, SPAN President Charles Santiago said the water cut is unavoidable due to the critical situation in the Sierra Leone phase 2 (LRA SSP2), which requires immediate attention.

"It is extremely important to immediately carry out urgent repair work to avoid an explosion in the plant," he said.

According to Santiago, this is due to the deterioration of the 32-kilowatt electrical cables and plumbing systems of the plant.

According to him, Air Selangor has notified SPAN of the situation on March 27 after SPAN approved the repair works on April 10 after an investigation.

He noted that last December, plans were made to carry out repairs in July. However, the current situation requires urgent action by Air Selangor.

If there was an explosion in the factories, he said, the interruption would be worse due to the approaching holiday on May 1 and the upcoming month of starving and the celebrations of Harry Raya.

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