Thursday , June 1 2023

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 55 Shocking News: Is Madhumita Outside Bigg Boss House?


madhumitha banished bigg boss tamil 3

There has been controversy at Bigg Boss Tamil 3's house since Vanita and Kasturi entered the house. Although Kasturi is unable to intervene in the problems, Vanita's plot deepens with each passing day. The last victim of Vanita's conspiracy is Madhumita.

Madhumita is outside the house of Bigg Boss Tamil 3! Right or wrong movement?

As things turned ugly, Madhumita stepped up aggression long ago for the senior Tamil actress. She locked horns with Cavin and Co. with her notes on the men in the house. While her intention was to talk about the well-being of women who were related to Kavin, Loslia and Sherin, they were not ready to take Madhumita's side.

It was an unsuccessful attempt to unite women in the house. Madhumita's intentions were also not well received by the public. Her popularity has been declining since the day and she was probably eliminated this week with Abirami.

In her early days, Madhumita was admired for her maturity and calmness in dealing with problems. With the advent of Vanita, her character has changed for the worse. She used shameful comments and arguments when it was unjustified. On the 54th day, Cheran praised Madhumita as losing the plot because the women he was fighting for were not worried about it.

This led to Madhumita considering ending his rule at Big Chief's House. Cheran strongly disagreed with Madhumita's decision to leave the house. Host Kamal Haasan was also disappointed with his move and suggested that he could use Achins in the battle he was involved in.

Did Madhumita fall for Vanita's plot or was she hiding her true Self all along?

The first days of Bigg Boss saw a different Madhumita that was loved by the audience. People liked her character and she laid the groundwork for herself. Recently, however, she has caused some irreparable damage to her image and has not looked back.

Madhumita's self-expulsion raises doubts about future prospects for Abrami in the house, as she is likely to be removed this week.

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