Monday , July 26 2021

HelloGold Cryptocurrency (HGT) Cap at $ 1,704,117 with Hit Price of $ 0.006479: Down -20.87% Since Now Yesterday

HelloGold (HGT) traded down -20.87% against the dollar over a 24-hour period at 9pm closing on October 10 EST. HelloGold currently has a market capitalization of $ 1,704,117 and its twenty-four hour trading volume is around $ 177. Over the past 7 days, HelloGold was 45.11% against the dollar along with a movement of 0.39% over the past hour.

Now let's see how other currencies get fairing in the last 24 hours:

  • VIVO (VIVO) currently trading on $ 0.05 against USD, a -2.39% changed From yesterday. The current Bitcoin VIVO price is 0.00000730 BTC.
  • Weaving Network (LOOM) currently trading on $ 0.11 against USD, a 2.67% changed From yesterday. The current Bitcoin price from LOOM is 0.00001797 BTC.
  • Internet Node Token (INT) currently trading on $ 0.03 against USD, a 5.66% changed From yesterday. The Bitcoin price of the current INT, is 0.00000494 BTC.
  • Super Bitcoin (SBTC) currently trading on $ 4.18 against USD, a -7.71% changed From yesterday. The current Bitcoin SBTC price is 0,00065426 BTC.
  • Auroracoin (AUR) currently trading on $ 0.14 against USD, a 0.62% changed From yesterday. The current Bitcoin AUR price is 0.00002265 BTC.
  • Accelerator Network (ACC) currently trading on $ 0.19 against USD, a -0.23% changed From yesterday. The current Bitcoin price from ACC is 0,00002993 BTC.

HelloGold information

HelloGold has an exact maximum inventory of 263,034,654 coins. It starts on August 28, 2017.

Based on "HelloGold is the beginning that creates accessible gold products for everyone, gives access to gold as a form of savings, loan guarantees, and remittances (value transfers). Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, HelloGold built the world's first Shariah compliant gold digital application that changed the way you buy and sell gold. Hello Gold Platform (HGF) is an organization prepared by HelloGold to serve two main objectives: Accelerating the use of blockchain technology for mass market expansion Expanding product availability to help the underserved and not having bank accounts in emerging markets to have better access and more affordable to simple financial products outside of cash; that is, it provides the ability to diversify savings and better retain wealth ”

Listed here are some useful links if you want to get the full story about HelloGold:

HGT: Info for Traders

You can buy HGT on exchanges such as EtherDelta, Gatecoin, HitBTC,

You can't always buy cryptocurrency like HelloGold directly using US dollars. Market participants who plan to hold HGT may have to first get Bitcoin or Ethereum from an exchange that has got an American dollar trading partner such as Coinbase or maybe GDAX. Traders can then use Bitcoin or ETH to invest in HelloGold using one of the exchanges posted above.

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