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Huawei plans mass layoffs in the US as it remains on a blacklist

According to a WSJ report, Huawei plans mass layoffs in the United States as the company is still on the list of sites. Despite Donald Trump's statement two weeks ago, US bailiffs are said to have to treat Huawei as a "blacklist" company. The cuts are expected to affect Futurewei Technologies, a subsidiary that focuses on R & D and employs about 850 people in the United States.

Source reports to the WSJ that Chinese officials in the United States have been given the opportunity to return home or remain with the US company. He added that some employees were informed of their dismissal, while more planned redundancies would be announced soon.

Last month it was reported that Huawei has taken several actions to separate its research from the parent company after Huawei is listed black. It is alleged that Futurewei Technologies banned Huawei employees from their offices and moved their employees to a separate information system. In addition, they also prevented Futurewei employees from using Huawei's name and logo in their communications.

Unfortunately, it seems that separating the Chinese group does not seem to have improved the situation. US Congressman Jim Banks has signed a letter in which he warns of Huawei's university partnerships and added that any decision to separate Futurewei and Huawei will not solve these problems. He insists that Futurewei is Huawei.

The company has conducted a number of research and grant programs with American universities and claims that Huawei has partnerships with at least 50 universities. Several universities have ceased to accept new financing agreements from Huawei and Futurewei since December, but they continue to work with the two companies under existing arrangements.

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