Wednesday , June 16 2021

Malicious software fills in beauty and camera filters removed from the Play Store

Trend Micro Security Company (through SlashGear) has discovered 29 "beauty cameras" and Google Play Store Camera Filtering applications loaded with malware inside. These applications, popular in Asia, should improve seals and customize photos. Instead, Beauty Camera Applications, Beauty Pro Camera, and Horizontal Beauty Camera serve full-screen ads when users unlock their phones. One of the ads, when tapped, downloaded an online porn player who did not work even after the payment by the user was accepted.

Even worse, some apps will try to use phishing techniques to get personal information from users. One way this happened was through a set competition that always allowed the device owner to win. To win the prize, the "winner" was asked for some personal information. Other camera filtering applications will allow someone to upload a photo to the developer's server to improve. But instead of getting a final image after an improvement, the user will get a counterfeit hint to update in nine languages. The app gathered the photos uploaded, possibly for use in fake social media accounts.

And since it is more difficult to delete these applications, once installed on the phone, the icons are hidden, making it impossible to remove them with a simple drag to uninstall. The good news is that Google has already removed these apps. In order not to be a victim in the future, Trend Micro suggests that you check the comments of other users before installing an application. If you see a few warnings (see the image at the bottom of this article), avoid the app as the plague.

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