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Man Utd legend Patrice Evra jokes that you should never go to Cristiano Ronaldo's house for lunch – The Sun.


PATRICE EVRA shone an intriguing light on the life of Cristiano Ronaldo with a hilarious tweet.

The Frenchman replied to a publication commemorating the 16th anniversary of the signing of the Portuguese superstar for Manchester United.

    Patrice Evra and Cristiano Ronaldo were teammates at Manchester United


Patrice Evra and Cristiano Ronaldo were teammates at Manchester UnitedCredit: EPA

The pair have been teammates at Old Trafford since 2006, when Evra joined Monaco.

After playing together for two and a half years, the couple made a real connection both on and off the field.


And the Frenchman, who is retiring recently, sang the praises of his friend in a recent tweet, calling him a "machine."

Ronaldo has incredible physics and is a well-known dedicated professional who is quickly recognized by Evra.

He tweets: "He's a machine !! Just don't go to his house for lunch, it's like another workout!"

And this is not the first time Evra has mentioned history.

Speaking to ITV last year, he said: "I would advise anyone when Cristiano invites you to lunch at his house, just say 'no'.


"He once said, 'Patrice, come after practice. "

"I went. You know I was really tired. There was only salad and plain white chicken on the table, so I was like, well, water, not any juice.

"We started eating and thought big meat would come afterwards, but there was nothing.

"He just finished and he stood up and he started playing ball, doing some skills and he said, 'Let's make a few touches. "

Evra added, "I was like, Can I just finish eating? He said, 'No, let's not play with two touches. "

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"We start playing with two touches. Then he said to go to the pool to swim, I was fine … after I got into the jacuzzi, the sauna, I was done.

"I say, 'Christian, why did we come here, did we come here because we have a game tomorrow or just for lunch?' "

"That's why I would recommend to anyone when Cristiano invites you to his house, don't go – just say no, because this guy, he's a machine, doesn't want to stop training."

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