Monday , September 27 2021

Rebel Wilson apologizes for the first plus-size rom-com star claim

Rebel Wilson got bashed for claiming she’s the "first-ever plus-sized" rom-com lead, and her apology only earned her more slams.

Rebel Wilson may want to think carefully before boasting about what she called her "first-ever plus-sized" rom-com status. Twitter turned on Wilson after the 38-year-old actress touted her supposed plus-size claim to fame on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While on Ellen, Wilson chatted about her lead roles in the film, Isn’t It Romantic. In the film, Wilson is a New York woman who, after hitting her head, seems to find herself in the midst of a romantic comedy styled world. The Australian actress shared her pride in the role, but one specific comment during the interview has led to major backlash social media.

"It's proud to be the first-plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy," actress informed DeGeneres.

Uh, Rebel, about that claim that you're the "first-ever plus-sized" romantic comedy star? Twitter is rebelling.

The social media platform quickly filled with users of the plus-sized rom-com stars before Wilson include Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop, Just wright, And Last Holliday and Mo'nique in Phat Girlz. Other plus-size stars who paved a path for Wilson as rom-com leads include Melissa McCarthy, Ricki Lake, and Nikki Blonsky.

Wilson did try to apologize. But the problem is caused by some people.

It got a messier event, with Wilson's allegedly blocking accounts which went against her Rom-com lead claims.

Among all those responding to Wilson's attempt at apology? Mo'ique.

It was after this comment that Wilson finally turned around, saw the fire burning, and realized it was time to apologize – and mean it this time. She said, "She first said" to Mo'ique, expressing that it was never her "intention to erase anyone else's achievements."

Wilson then shared a series of tweets acknowledging her faults, noting she'd "neglected to show proper respect to those who climbed the mountain before me" and realizes now that it was not just wrong but hurtful.

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