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The results of early studies show that 2 Ebola medicines save lives


Congolese health authorities stopped an Ebola study early with good news: Two out of four experimental drugs appear to save lives.

More than 1,800 people have been killed in the African epidemic all year. Health workers are trying to control it with vaccinations, but which experimental treatments are best used when people get sick is unclear.

The study began last November, and last week independent observers examined how the first few hundred participants competed. They decided that one of the drugs – manufactured by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals – was clearly working better and the second, developed by US government scientists, was not far behind.

The World Health Organization says the findings should encourage more people to seek care quickly, even as further research continues.

Uganda launches test for Ebola vaccine: health officials

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Early study findings suggest 2 Ebola medicines save lives (2019, August 12)
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