Wednesday , November 25 2020

UFC Beijing: China's Institute of Performing Arts will make us MMA super power, says Li & Jingliang

Does Lake Ginger believe he has seen a vision of the future of mixed martial arts.

"You watch," Li said. "In a few years, China will be the super power of MMA."

Ten fought for his UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – and for more than a decade in the battle – put Lee as the great master of Chinese MMA and he warmed up to the role of the sage this week at the head of UFC Fight Night 141.

The snowboard will face David Hudson (16-4) in the capital's Cadillac arena on Saturday night, with the native boy returning to what he will undoubtedly be hailed as the UFC celebrates its debut in Beijing with 12 fights that include Lee among the nine Chinese fighters in action.

"Of course I feel good here in Beijing," Lee said. "My wife and my family will be here. Almost everyone I know will be here and people travel to come here from all over China. This is our chance to show people what MMA is.

Duration until Saturday began with the announcement of the UFC plans to invest approximately $ 13 million in a Shanghai Institute of Presentation to help drive the cause of MMA in the Asia-Pacific region, but to find and develop generations of Chinese fighters.

Li believes the initiative will be a player.

"That news makes me very happy," Li said. "The sooner this happens, the better. There is a lot of potential in the country and we can see that this is growing.

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"The UFC can train fighters the right way, and they can show the Chinese fighters the right way." This is my 11th fight and things have changed so fast.

"More Chinese fighters are emerging, and we are all better and better. If we take advantage of the new Institute of Efficiency, this can only continue.

"It's a possibility for fighters to change their lives, but first of all they have to show off a great show on Saturday night.

The look down on Saturday's map shows that UFC has cast its net wide and wide in the development of its stable Chinese fighters.

So far, the Las Vegas-based promotion has 11 Chinese books – 28 from the Asian-Pacific region.

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The newest to sign is the 22-year-old brilliant Sud Mudarjahi (11-3), the first Tibetan ethnicity fighter to join the UFC, and called for two weeks to be thrown into the fight against the American Louis " Yes "The Last Samurai" Resume (13-5).

The Chinese contingent so far in 2018 has played a supporting role in the UFC fight cards in the distance, such as Hamburg, Germany and Perth, Australia.

The record for the year is seven disputed battles and six won battles, including a 4: 0 victory at the UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore in June.

This card included The Leech, surpassing Japan's Daichi Abe (6-3) in three rounds of victory, as well as demonstrating the 20-year-old Song Yadong (12-3, two without racing) bandwagon that reshuffled this week, discarding the marker "Terminator" for something a little closer to home.

So we will have "The Monkey King" against Vince Morales (8-2) on Saturday night, as he wants to extend his UFC race to three consecutive wins.

In Singapore, Song has rushed into the stunning right elbows of Death in the second round to send the Brazilian Filipe Arantes (18-10-1, two no races) down and out, and since then the buzz.

To add to her arsenal, the song was left at Team Alpha Male in California under the supervision of UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber.

But the fighter sees one day when the Chinese rising stars of MMA can learn a little closer to home, what they need to know to do it at the highest levels of sport.

"Many of us travel very far as we try to improve as fighters," Song said. "You have to learn from the best and that's what I and other Chinese fighters did with Team Alpha Male.

"To be able to do this in China will be perfect, you can see that many people are learning about MMA and the sport is progressing in China with more fighters, more halls and more fans.

"We're all excited about it, but now it's up to us to continue winning."

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