Another scandal that put back evidence of Google's inability to keep the Android ecosystem safe. More than half a million people has downloaded the file malware directly from the company's application store.

Computer security researcher, Lukas Stefanko, who works at ESET has published in the details of his Twitter account from 13 different applications, created by the same developer that can be downloaded from Google Play. Two of these applications are among the most downloaded, which results in more visibility.

This application deceives people who download it, makes it believe that it is a game, but when trying to open it, it fails and closes.

But in reality malware not only booting but mimicking the failure to download other applications, installed on the smartphone in the background and removing the original application icon. It is currently unknown what it does, but maintains a continuous state, boots again even though the device is restarted.

Because when an application is installed, it asks for total permission for the user – half a million people receive it – can spy on all the traffic coming in and out of the smartphone, which gives the possibility of obtaining personal data.

For years the victim has been blamed ensure that users need to be more careful when receiving permission from the applications they download, but the reality is that Google has allowed too long that developers can have all possible access to all Android smartphone users' data, without any real form to prevent it.

Recently Google has implemented more security features in the new version of its operating system and is slowly trying to prevent developers from getting more permission than is needed to operate on an Android smartphone.

But if it's your own Google Play allows developers with bad intentions to offer malware in the official app store, all these efforts will be a little useful.

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