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All you need to know about the first 1 TB MicroSD


Image: Micron.

Some years ago, some smartphones began to include less storage capacity under the cover of "everything you record in the cloud." Today some have 1 TB of internal memory, and now there are microSD cards that can give you 1 extra TB. Here's what you need to know about it.

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SanDisk and Micron have introduced the first 1TB micro TB cards on the market at MWC 2019. But before you dare buy one with the intention of having 2 TB of storage in the new and brand new Galaxy S10 +, there are some things you need you know, starting with the most important: how fast they are for data transfer.

Both cards are microSDXC UHS-I, and in Micron's case, reads up to 100MB / s and write up to 95MB / s.

Image: Samsung.

As for the SanDisk SD card, it is much faster to read, up to 160MB / s, but a bit slower in writing, with a limit of 90MB / s.

Of course, storage cards with this opportunity can not be cheap or at least not for now. The Samsung microSD is priced at $ 450 and will be available in April. The Micron model still has no official price, but will be released in the second quarter of the year, according to the company.

The big doubt about these cards is how many devices will be compatible with them now, especially in the smartphone world. The Nintendo Switch must be compatible, but not many phones will have support for this type of card. The Galaxy S10 +, for example, officially supports up to 512 GB via microSD, but the software update may extend it. [vía GlobeNewswire / CNET]

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