Sunday , September 26 2021

America made Cecilio cheap

Beyond what happens in Liguilla, directives from America already working on establishing a campus for Closed 2019.… and Paraguayans Cecilio Domínguez It was not in his plan, so he was willing to get rid of him.

For example, "bargaining" where pondering to negotiate.

Last year,Eagle they bought it at Cerro Porteño for almost 10 million dollars, but now they will receive an offer of almost five, which has let go of war between themselves Guaraní club and Olimpia, another great one from football, who wants to have it in their ranks, feels that azulcrema no longer has experience for a man who still exists.

Adalid Maganda, only against FMF

Referees always assume they are a joint union. Thanks to that, they succeeded Rafael Mancilla get out of the Commission and they also throw Edgardo Codesal

But now, in the case Adalid MagandaThey have closed their eyes. The Mexican Arbitrator Association he hasn't stated himself, nor will he say it himself, as Don Teofilito said.

Same Maganda he had resigned to fend for himself against him Mexican Football Federation, who now tells him that he returned him as an arbitrator, but no more will be sent to the U-20. November 27, Head will decide whether to accept the proposal or go on a hunger strike for Toluca

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