Tesla again receives a case for another fatal incident in which autopilot It was activated. The family of Jeremy Beren Banner, A 50-year-old man who died last March, accusing the company of death by negligence and seeking compensation in excess of $ 15,000.

The Banner accident occurred on March 1, 2019 on a highway in Florida, USA. his Tesla Model 3 he crashes with a tractor that crosses his path while traveling at 109 kilometers per hour with autopilot activated. The vehicle stopped completely nearly 500 meters from the scene of the impact.

on National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States conducted an independent investigation, where in their preliminary findings they explained that Banner had activated autopilot 10 seconds before the impact, and the vehicle was found to be not hands on the steering wheel about 8 seconds before the accident.

The sequence of the event, according to what Tesla reported to NTSB, is that Banner was definitely not at the wheel of the wheel when the accident occurred, not following the company's instructions to keep them at all times.

The investigation, with the final conclusions of NTSB, it will take at least another year. Asks the victim's family lawyer Tesla to post the video of the accident, which in theory would give more clues as to why it happened and if Banner tries to take last-minute evasive action or not.

One of the big limitations of autopilotand other driving assistance systems, the difficulty of detecting and responding while driving at high speed to objects on the road that are not moving. If the tractor is running perpendicular to Model 3, you may not be able to locate correctly.

In the mean time Tesla Model 3 It has emergency response systems that are well above any other manufacturer. In fact, their ability to stop unexpectedly before a pedestrian crossing or to automatically stop before the possibility of a frontal crash is tested by European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), with surprising results and video – collected (in minutes) 02:04):

In fact Model 3 it received the highest rating in the history of NCAP, especially in its active safety systems, ie: Emergency Brake (AEB), a system for preventing emergencies to deflect rails while driving.

But it's also true Tesla improved these systems by updating the software that arrived in early May and is the version that was testing NCAP,