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Assignment, equipment and hundreds of millions to BC


Robles and 5 magnificent left unclear 6 thousand 558 million Sedesol and thus jumped Sedatu

Mauricio Ratso Sanchez, as head of the internal control body, was called 171 times by the Federation's Audit Office (ASF) in order to carry out appropriate investigations and, where necessary, initiate administrative proceedings against public officials responsible for these irregularities in surveillance on programs and contracts managed by the Secretariat for Social Development (Cedesol) from 2013 to 2015 and by that of Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatou) in 2016, periods controlled by Rosario Robles Berlanga.

Despite the urgent calls of the Authorityor Inspector in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for anomalies such as hiring Sedesol with public resources on demand without the capacity to comply with services, which in turn hires private third parties, Together gives them a folder explaining the lack of elements.

In August 2015, when Robles Berlanga was reassigned by President Enrique Peña Nieto de la Cedesol to Sedat, the Secretary of State, who appeared before Congress on Tuesday, decided to continue with Racco as head of the body responsible for appeals and sanctions.

Back then, more archival accusations were accumulated in the 2016 public accounts, now on the Sedat.

The possible damage to the public treasury from 2013 to 2016 is estimated at 11 222 million 956 thousand 667 pesos in both units, according to the thousands of ASF 469 pages viewed by SinEmbargo.

The public servant has been accompanying Robles since he began his tenure in Sedesol in December 2012. There, he has commanded 41 people in offices such as the Internal Audit, Development Audit and Public Management, Complaints and Responsibilities areas. This is followed by the tracking, non-compliance and sanctions, investigations department from liability, three from complaints and appeals, among others.

The entire team was tasked with tracking 120 calls from the ASF to investigate those related to potential public resource damage for the 6 thousand 558 million 420 thousand 667 pesos corresponding to the audits performed on Sedesol from 2013 to 2015.

In Sedat, the Authority accrues 51 more administrative liability increases for possible damages of 4,666 million 536 thousand 010 pesos in the 2016 audit. ASF does not publish all audits for 2017.

That was until April 2018, when the Ministry of Public Administration (SFP) sanctioned Mauricio Razo, excluding him from public administration for two years.

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