Monday , October 25 2021

Becky D: "WITHOUT LAND" Filter a horrible image of a famous singer (PHOTO)


Singer Becky G, who is currently one of the world-famous singers after releasing her great hit "Mayores", which has reached the top places in the charts for popularity.

No one imagines that the famous singer before she became one of the leading music stars and that she began her treatment to join the back teeth, looked so different.

Becky D seems to have realized that in the music industry, something essential to achieving the pinnacle of success is the physical aspect, which is designed and therefore undergoes a flattering change.

For this reason, the American singer made use of the money she earned with her first successes to go to a good dentist who did wonders with her, since in the past there was no trace of her teeth.


Beautiful singer Becky D has been in controversy for the past few days after an image of the singer leaked with her previous teeth and sparked a huge wave of criticism about how she looked in the past.

And it turns out that in the image you see Becky D with her front teeth separated, and with that she proves that the aesthetic work they have done is the best because it does not differ that it was fixed.

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Becky D and her real prosthesis

Becky D and her real prosthesis


A few days ago Becky D revealed in an interview what language she felt better, whether she was Spanish or English, and seemed to have failed to make it as clear as she seemed.

On this point, the American said: "Well, something very strange is happening, because from a very young age I felt more comfortable singing in Spanish than speaking Spanish because I was singing in Spanish because I don't know where my accent is, but my accent is not present."

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