Monday , September 26 2022

Carlos Loret de Mola speaks openly about & # 39; demons & # 39; Mauricio Clark


Carlos Loret de Mola spoke on camera about his former collaborator, Mauricio Clark, in the program & # 39; Primero Noticias & # 39 ;.

The journalist said that Mauricio was a very good element in the program, but that & # 39; demon & # 39; and his addiction does not let him continue to shine.

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Loret de Mola sees & # 39; a great future among & # 39; to Clark, who stood out in recent months, not for his controversial statement.

"Mauricio is a man who has fought with many demons throughout his life and I think he is still fighting"

He also said, to Adela Micha, that he did not agree with what Clark was thinking, that homosexuality was cured "overnight".

"I disagree with him, because he has recovered, I do not know what happened, because I have not seen him for years. What I want is you to be good; he is a man to whom I see an honest and successful career. , an extraordinary route, but suddenly he began to fight with all these demons. "

He wanted his former partner to recover the interesting route he had seen, professionally.

"He has admitted that he has an illness he must fight, alcoholism, drug addiction"

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