Friday , July 23 2021

Charros defeated Cañeros in Jalisco: Línea Directa

Culiacán, Sin.- Charros of Jalisco returned to winning ways this Friday, after defeating Los Cañeros de Los Mochis, a game in which José Manuel Rodríguez hit the 100th homer of his life in the Mexican Pacific League (LMP).

Charros' initial pitcher was Elian Leyva from Cuba, who worked for 5 rounds, they connected 6 balls and fanned 2 opponents; Jeff Ibarra, Luis Ivan Rodriguez, Aaron Kurcz and Luis de Luna came to the bullpen mound.

With Cañeros, Jonathan Castellanos is filled with 2 rollers and one third of the work, hitting him 6 hits and they score the same number of races; Gerardo Concepción, Ariel Peña, Fernando Irazoqui, Darel Torres, Fabián Cota and Juan López worked as removers.

From the first entry, ninth Roberto Vizcarra showed offensive strength and that Daric Barton hit his second homer of the year, leading Dan Robertson and Dariel Alvarez.

At the close of the third chapter, another home run appeared with the locals; first, captain "Manny" Rodriguez once again wrote his name in the history of records in winter baseball in Mexico, because he connected his 100 home run to live at LMP and besides that he attracted Robertson and Alvarez.

The albino azul damage to the mochitecos will not be there, because there will be a three run home run, and it will be Gabriel Gutiérrez who will put it behind the wall and produce at the feet of Barton and Medrano and thus place the 9-0 scoreboard in support of the population local.

The tenth rayita jalisciense arrived at Stephen Cardullo's feet, after modest producer Amadeo Zazueta.

The Mochis put the numbers home at the start of the sixth inning and struck as Jesus Arredondo appeared, who with a line to connect a rectangle that was right and pushed Josuan Hernandez and thus put the score 2-10, still profitable for Charros.

After receiving several races, the Jalisco gun powder returned to fire and Barton took the lead when he scored the second full goal at night; and from back to back, Stephen Cardullo, also kept behind the fence, and thus the profits grew to 2-12, which will remain until the end of

This Saturday will continue the activity between Charros and Cañeros, where the opening of the two novena will be Marco Tovar and Luis Pérez, respectively.

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