Tuesday , October 26 2021

Dana Paola is seen without a bra


Consumers were surprised by the evolution of the "girl with a blue backpack."

The beautiful Dana Paola posed Vogue Mexico dressed in sexy red clothing, with a skirt and a jacket, with which he almost sees one of his grandmothers.

on post caused great impact among Instagram users, who praised the young woman's body and sensuality; though they also stopped being surprised by the evolution that Blue backpack girl.

The photo received about 100,000 likes on Dana Paola's account, though fashion There are only just over two thousand.


We are less than a month old the second season Elite and the website didn't miss the opportunity to introduce us to the most sexy side of the talented actress and get some of what we see in this new installment of Netflix.

"We will see his perfect world gradually crumble," said Lou, the character Dana Paola comes to life in the Spanish series and returns this September 6.

There are many special family relationships and I think that shows the reasons why Lou is the way he is. In addition, we will see how his perfect world is gradually being destroyed and how life will mold him to make him sit down and become a little more human.

Likewise, the young singer shared that she was very excited about the arrival of this season and hoped there was a third.

Very excited. I feel very proud of all the work that my co-stars have done. This new season has been an unforgettable experience.

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