Monday , October 18 2021

Did the scorpion sting you? Home remedies are useless: health


Culiacán, Sin.- Home remedies to counteract poison by stinging a scorpion, such as eating cloves of garlic, drinking milk or others, are of no use and only waste time in the care the patient can receive, said the head of the Zoonosis Department of the Ministry of Health. Healthcare in Sinaloa, Carlos Victor Hernandez.

He said the person should be taken immediately to the emergency area of ​​each medical or clinical ward in order to remain under medical supervision and, if necessary, provide an antidote.

"No home remedy is useful. The therapy is very very specific. The serum that will be administered to humans is very specific to block receptors where the poison is attached," he added.

He stated that children under the age of 5 are most at risk because the amount of poison is concentrated in a small body, as well as in older people, due to natural muscle loss.

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