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Digital Today – David Ortiz Case: DAI explains its participation

The head of the National Investigation Service (DNI), Siegfried Wall Perez, assured this afternoon that this formation followed the attack of the famous expelotero, David Ortiz.

"We are talking about the most popular figure in our country and the figure that is more common nationally and internationally, and that is why it is centralized that this is the state ministry, in this case the Chief Prosecutor who issued the report . by the police, so it will not a minimal error with regard to the report that will take place, "said Pared Perez.

The director pointed out, when interviewed at Corripio Communications Group's lunch, that because of the importance of this case, they allowed the institutions directly concerned with this crime (the Chief Prosecutor's Office and the National Police) to be the ones they broadcast. statements about it,

He stressed that DRR support in this type of situation is information, as its agents maintain the necessary process with all sorts of data that need to be completed.

"It is imperative and within the oath of the DPO official to cooperate with the authority when he or she sees or sees a case or information he can give to deal with it. clarifying a crime"Add Pared Perez.

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He added that in the case of security and investigation cases "No main characters", is a joint work of all the institutions involved in order to ensure the resolution of these cases and the effectiveness of these organizations.

Pared Perez said it has not yet been confirmed whether Ortiz was attacked weeks before Sunday, but that in the next few hours the Chief Prosecutor's Office or the police will speak on the matter.


David Orttis was shot in a club on Sunday in his native Dominican Republic and was subjected to an emergency operation. He stabilized and then transferred to Boston and took an ambulance to a police hospital in Massachusetts.

Officials said the 43-year-old Ortiz was planted by a man who had landed a motorcycle and shot him in the back at about 20:50. Local time on Sunday at the Dial Bar and Lounge.

The police have two people in custody, the suspected shooter and the alleged motorcycle driver, a source close to the investigation, told ESPN Deportes. But officially the police have recognized the arrest of a suspect.

According to the director of the Dominican National Police, Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte, the motorcycle driver was identified as Eddie Felis Garcia, 25, who was captured and beaten by a crowd of people in the bar.

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